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Canyonland Worms is a family business in every sense of that term.  It’s small.  We run it out of our home.  There’s not one member of our growing family who is not involved.  My worm farmer is the main man.  He has all the (brilliant) ideas and implements them daily.  He is the face of the business; he loves getting to know customers and building relationships with other local gardeners and worm enthusiasts. 

Our kids are the grunt workers.  They haul worms to and from the worm room.  They get into the gardens and pick out rocks.  They mix soil and get their little hands nice and muddy.  They each have their own garden they tend.  Even the baby helps; he rides around on his daddy’s front in the kangaroo pouch and tugs on leaves and branches as his daddy passes by the trees.

I’m the back-office.  I pay the bills, write the emails, manage the website and write about the wonders my husband creates with his gardens and worms. 

We all have our place.

Over the holidays, we ventured out to include more family in this business we call worm farming.  My daddy is an amazing gardener.  He has turned his property into the most peaceful oasis of gardens – both vegetable and flower.  He has always been interested in my worm farmer’s work, giving advice and helping out where he can.  In November, Hubby decided to set up a Worm Grotto in another location, as an experiment to see if it’s something other gardeners can use.  He surprised my dad with all the components of the system, and then got to work on the prep and set-up.


 (Bob and Levi fill the Grotto with healthy soil and compost.)


(Bob hands over a pound of worms to start the Worm Grotto off in style!)


(Putting the worms into the brand new Worm Grotto was an intense moment for Levi and my dad.)


My daddy loves the Worm Grotto.  He’s made his own adjustments to the system, which help it work best for his existing gardens.  He shares his ideas with my worm farmer, and they now have yet another thing in common.  My mom says he sometimes goes out to the Worm Grotto to just “sit with his worms.”  Which doesn’t surprise me.  My hubby does that too. 

The holidays bring out the love when it comes to family.  I’m thankful that the Worm Grotto is now part of my parents’ lives, so that we have that family tie year ‘round.  Our kids have continuity between our home and their grandparents’ house, where they see the Worm Grotto and all the gardens working together.  My worm farmer and my dad have partnered in experimenting with the uses for the Worm Grotto.  And I reap the benefits in more than one way – I mean, it’s ALWAYS good when your hubby and daddy get along! 


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Comment by Maynhia Stott on March 4, 2014 at 11:15pm
Hi, I was just about to order some red wigglers grim the internet, I'm glad I found this post. Can you tell me if you sell/ship your worms with a little but of dirt so they won't get stressed from the new environment?
Comment by Robert Fenchak on January 14, 2014 at 4:14pm


Tried calling you, couldn't get through with the number you gave.  You can contact me at 602-493-7067 or


Comment by Clay Emrick Frankel on January 13, 2014 at 10:25pm

so how do you get ahold of you. need a couple lbs of az reds. feel free to call Clay 602 759 1716

Comment by MaryMcP on January 1, 2014 at 5:44am

You write the nicest stories!  Best wishes for a good year ahead - good health, happy times and a little prosperity thrown in for good measure

Comment by Cynthia Carter on December 31, 2013 at 7:45am

Happy New Year!  May your family be blessed. :) 

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