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What You Need to Hatch Chickens

Raising backyard chickens has become a popular hobby and many people are interested in trying their hand at hatching chickens. Here is some information on what you need to know about the process. One of the first things to do is get in touch with your county extension agent. The county extension is an excellent source of information on hatching chickens. They can offer guidance on equipment, fertilized chicken…


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How long does it take a chicken egg to hatch?

If you're new to keeping chickens, or if you're thinking about starting a flock, then you'll no doubt want to find out everything you can about these amazing creatures. Not only will a flock of chickens supply you with gorgeously fresh eggs, but you will also have the opportunity to taste what real chicken tastes like, depending of course on your reasons for keeping chickens in the first place. A common misconception between people is that you need a rooster in order to get eggs, but of…


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Hatching Fertile Chicken Eggs in Brinsea Chicken Egg Incubator- Things to Learn From This Science Fair Project

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, no one ever got to knowabout that. However, we certainly know that students can really learn a lot by hatching fertile chicken eggs for their science project. It gives students a chance to closely observe and learn about the mostbasic…


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Do I Have Fertilized Chicken Eggs?

Whether you are in a place where you are looking to get lots of little chicks, or you are simply curious about the quality of the eggs that you receive, you might be wondering whether or not you have fertile chicken eggs.

Fertile chicken eggs, which might also be called fertilized chicken eggs, are

often thought to be tastier and more nutritious than eggs that are not

fertilized and they can tell you a lot about the way the hens were kept. There



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Hatching Chicken Eggs: A Unique Summer Project

School getting out may not always be a good thing. Children need stimulation, and during the summer months, many young children turn to the TV and video games for stimulation, which is not only detrimental physically but also offers very little educational stimulation. Even those shows that advertise themselves as “educational” may do very little to stimulate the mind.

This becomes a problem that many parents face during the summer months. What can you do for your child to keep them… Continue

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Free Fertilized Chicken Eggs with Purchase of Mini Incubator

Great idea for a Science Fair Project hatching chicken eggs and watching life from start to finish. This is such a neat project that has put together an inexpensive package to help save Mom's, Dad's and teachers some money. We have Free fertile chicken eggs with the purchase of the mini 3 egg incubator and Free fertile chicken eggs with the purchase of the… Continue

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