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  The hot sun is brutaly attacking my tomato plants laden with tomatoes.  Other plants are being effected as well.

I went to Home depot this morning and looked a heavy duty sun screen.  They want $79.00 for 6 x 50' roll.  My garden is onebox 12 x 40 and to cover it all would be real expensive.  I had an idea of making 4 x 6 six frames covered with cloth and and mounting the frames on uprights so that they could be tilted at various angle above the plants depending on need.

Does anyone have a better idea of both the method and material to be more effective and to keeping the cost lower?  Are there not less expensive materials to use for shade?

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Robert short tutorial: :-)

Have the location of your .jpg noted.  Start your reply, and click on the icon in the above bar for the image (the one to the right of "link").  Click browser and find your image.  After uploading it will give you several choices - where to place it (right, left, center) - choose one.  Then there is a 'size/pixel' - select about 300, and click okay or done, whichever comes up, and you will see the picture in your post and you can add text.  Hope that is clear :-)

Robert, I have used the burlap totes from homdepot ($4) I cut it open and hung it. There are pretty good sized holes so a lot of light still came through although I am sure that not all burlap will have big enough holes.

  Thanks for the further info.  I found a place that sell burlap by the roll or in sheets.  It sells for around .29 a yard.  Still heven't gotten any yet.

  You call burlap bags totes.  When I was in N. Carolina, the called the "pokes".

I call them sacks but @ homedepot they call them totes so that's what I said..

Untreated burlap sacks (like the ones from a coffee shop) are awesome to compost in too!

where did you find burlap for 29 cents a yard?

erniee, you need to find a coffee roaster, they will have burlap bags to sell.  I know there is one in Tempe, don't remember the name now though.

Mary is it Lost Dutchman?

I don't know Catherine.  Someone else (Jacq I think) was talking about the burlap sacks.  Any coffee roaster should have them available.

Ah - found Jacq's note "I bought the bags from Momento Coffee Roasters in Tempe. They are only $5 each and they have lots of them."


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