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My little flock has dwindled and the two that are left seem lost without more of a pecking order and society.  Really.  I need at the least 2 layers, pullets, etc. to balance out the pecking order and increase supply.

I am really surprised at their behavior since they are just the 2 of them now.

This group used to be so active!  Where is every one?

If you have hens to spare, or downsizing, let me know.  ernie l85017 at cox dot net.


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I agree, this group used to be very active, but it seems that VPA has become Trees Matter.  Great area of focus, but very different from VPA.  And this group is under Maricopa County Food Systems Coalition?  

Anyway, I am downsizing (slowly) and have 2 sweet hens.  One Bielefelder, she's about two and lays beautiful dark brown eggs.  One Ameracauna-mix breed (who we call Mesa) , she's about four and lays green eggs...not as prolifically as she used to.  But she's kind of a mama hen.  She's skittish with people, but will follow you anywhere for dried worms, scratch, or tomatoes or watermelon.  The Bielefelder (who we call Glen Coco) is incredibly sweet and loves to be held, but does have a funny habit of occasionally roosting in the tree.  Hasn't happened in several weeks, but it does happen occasionally.  She's a talker though so it's easy to find her.
If these girls sound like they would fit in with your crew, I would like to find them happy new homes.
Thanks, Lisa

Thanks!!  I can't figure out how to send you a private message!  My email is ernie 85017 at cox dot net.   or 602   795   3001.  Please leave message if I don't answer.


We have 9 young hens who need re-homing.

For some reason the site won't let me message you.  It says "sorry".  hmph

I would love 3 of your hens!  602 795 3001 or ernie 85017 at cox dot net


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