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I'm trying to track down the contact info for a local business that raises and sells composting worms. I think it's called Wonder Worm (located somewhere near Baker's nursery). I heard about it from two different people, but can't find any info online and don't know the exact location...
Anyone have any info on how I can get in touch with them, or find the exact location?

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I do not know of the business, but I do have red worms. I am not really set up for selling them, and may never get that far. I am using the castings myself. But I have a large colony of worms kept at a year round 76 degrees.

What I need now is knowledge, so come by and shoot the bull about gardening and I'll give ya some worms.

3422 west Hadley phx----north and east of 35th and buckeye. If the gate is open come on back. If not hollar at me if I'm outback. I'm there most weekdays but not early next week. We will be there tomarrow.
Thanks Charles - I appreciate it. I'd like to see the setup you have. I don't actually need worms at the moment, but I'd like to find a local place to refer others to buy worms...
Charles, I could use some worms. How many do you have? I don't have any knowledge to offer up, but I could bring a pie....
I have a good bio-mass going. I can provide starter populations. I started with about 2lbs inclucing the compost they were in. If this other gentelman has a legitimate business going and you can afford it it would be better to buy from him. If ya can't afford it come on by and share. End of this week sometime.
only one I know is canyon land worms. try
He is at the roadrunner park Saturday market every Saturday.
He will also meet up with you if you can't make that market. Just bought worms from him today. Nice guy and it's good to be supporting local small business.
Thanks guys - I hadn't heard of this... I'll add it to the list of places to refer people to. If anyone has any other recommendations, send them along too and I'll compile a list.
If you don't mind let me know what he is charging and how he packages them. If ya got the time ---thnx
Website is Got mine in a white cloth bag that seems to be typical packing material, as I got my worms last year from CA in the same kind of bags. $30/lb, price goes down per pound with more worms. There used to be Desert Worm Farm in Glendale run by Kathy and she only charged about $6 per pound, but maybe that's why it wasn't worth it for her any longer??
Wow, now you have awakened my capatalistic beasts and visions of security dance in my head from my little red wiggler friends. Not really , I am trying to control my capatalistic impulses.

I think I paid ten bucks at the prescott farmers market for my starter population.

How do you process and use the castings or vermicompost.

I use the dried castings as a during the season vertilizer, and vermicompost as an amendment. Haven't done it enough to really comment on effectiveness-the plants grow.

I hope to find out more while researching Cuba in the 90's.


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