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I planted my caulflower in the fall, it is now about 3 ft tall,lots of leaves, no cauliflower.  I think I planted it too close to broccoli and brusselsprouts.  Broccoli produced and has bolted, brusselsprouts still putting out sprouts.  I'm afraid the heat will destroy the cauliflower before it produces.  Also, this weekend I saw a nice, compact head growing on a plant whose leaves were about a foot long...what gives?  ARe there dwarf versions or did I just feed the leaves only?

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My cauliflower, broccoli and brusselsprouts were planted too close together also. My broccoli did beautifully and finally my cauliflower is starting to form little 1-2" heads in the past 5 days. My plants are about 1 1/2 feet tall, they did not get as large as the brussels. I planted them from starts that I got from Home Depot sometime in January. My brusselsprouts I started from seed in October. I still do not have any brusselsprouts but it does look like little things are starting to form at the base of the leaves. The plants are about 3 ft tall now with huge leaves! This doesn't answer your question, but maybe it will make you feel like you not the only one wondering where we went wrong! I didn't think my cauliflower was going to do anything so I was very excited when I noticed the heads. Have you tried feeding them? That whole family is heavy feeders, so I have been feeding them fish emulsion or the stuff from Dave the Garden guy. Anyway, I wish you luck!
Thanks Dianne, I now feel there still may be hope! My brusselsprouts have produced, as did my broccoli, so maybe there are little caulliflower heads developing in time I'll give them room to flourish! Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
Could be a number of things, but it is getting too hot for cauliflower (and broccoli and brussels) now. You might try and tie the leaves around the smaller heads to shade them. There are types that can take up to 100 days to produce, which is not the ideal plant for this area of the country. You want to plant types that only take around 60 days. Without knowing the type of plant, you could just have the wrong variety for the area. Big box stores do not cater to specific growing areas as much as local nurseries like Bakers and Harpers, though they are getting better.

Adding too much cow manure will get you great big leaves-but no fruit. So if you have a gorgeous plant without fruit-too much nitrogen. Composted chicken poop is great for fruiting.

Here is a good link to a PDF of growing cauliflower. I just googled "cauliflower not growing heads" and there is a ton of info to be had. What did one do without the google?
Thanks Ericka!! That article is getting copied and filed for Fall planting! Thanks so much, and was there life before google?!!
I agree, and that's why they call them "the good old days"! Nothing replaces the one on one of people, thanks for the reminder Chris!


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