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Hi Everyone,

My parents need to buy approximately 105 cubic feet of garden soil for their raised bed gardens they just installed in their back yard. Where is the best place to buy garden soil from. We can pick it up, but would prefer to have it delivered. They live in Surprise. Thanks! 

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there's Pioneer Sand at Surprise that you can buy bulk soil from. I usually go there and grab mulch or manure, but they also have a soil mix they call Sandy loam which I've used before on my raised garden beds with a lot of success.

You can pick up the soil or have them deliver it.

4 cu yrds

That is a great suggestion.  I didn't know there was a Pioneer Sands in Surprise:

13460 W. Westgate Dr.
Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone: 623-556-5050
Fax:  623-214-7371

SPRING (2/28-5/28)
Mon-Fri: 6:30-5:00
Sat: 7:00-5:00
SUMMER (5/30-10/29)
Mon-Fri: 6:30-4:00
Sat: 7:00-3:00
FALL/WINTER (10/1-2/27)
Mon-Fri: 7:00-5:00
Sat: 7:00-3:30
And the Sandy Loam is what you want from them.  If the manure is not fully decomposed you will want to water it heavily (to remove salts) and let it cook (compost) say 3 weeks in the bed before planting.
Get them started on a compost pile for replacement down the road as they pull and replant.

I should have added 1 cu yrd is about 1 pickup truck bed. So if you have to get it yourself....

You asked about the best.  I remember searching a few years ago for compost. I found it here, Plant Organix, but the vendor couldn't handle my order which was understandable as it was 20 cu yrds.  But for 4 cu yrds, delivered maybe...for a price they would likely be willing to shovel it into the bed as well.

Keep in mind the best soil is your native soil.  It is almost certainly rich in all required nutrients for your plants with the exceptions of carbon, maybe nitrogen, maybe microorganisms and other important soil life, maybe higher salts than desired, more compaction and higher pH than desired.  But you can till in compost (and it really doesn't need to be that much (5% would be more than enough, up to 50%) if they have native soil available.  Downside is more weeds than proper garden bed soil.  Upside is a mineral rich soil.  But since we are talking raised bed we may not have soil on hand to mix.

I second the sandy loam mix from Pioneer Sand, but prepare to move it yourself from a driveway or street with a wheelbarrow. If bagged stuff is preferred, Patio Plus from Home Depot (1.5 cubic feet for $4.5/bag).  They will deliver for a $75 charge any amount of soil.

This is the estimate I got today from Cutting Edge Curbing and Rock.

Thank you for your interest in Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock.  Sandy Loam is $31 per yard and screened fill dirt is $21 per ton (about ¾ yard).  We deliver valleywide for free if ordering 10 tons or more.  The cost for delivery is $45 for orders under 10 ton.  We can usually schedule your project within 1-2 business days.

Office: 602-353-1020

Fax: 602-353-1027

Cell: 602-663-0102

Thanks for sharing this info!  Will be very interested to hear your opinion of their product.

hl walker, I will keep you updated on what I get.  I found a company last month and their price/size was just perfect.  I went to contact them this week and their online ad and the emails they had sent me just disappeared.  So I guess I am holding out because I know there are different options I can choose from.


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