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So I'm not very knowledgeable about grasses and lawns but from what I've seen nut grass usually looks healthier and fuller than bermuda grass. So why not grow a nut grass lawn. From what I've read, nut grass is hard to kill but grows very well and I would think that a lawn of nut grass would look much better than bermuda. Plus bermuda grass is super invasive and itchy. Nut grass is invasive but not itchy. Any thoughts?

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i like the alternative thinking here ...

i have come to a peaceful place with the 'perenial grasses' of the suburban environment - native / non-native / naturalized / invasive species / illegal invasive species / naturalized / etc ... just a matter of your point of view / perspective ... they all have a roll to play in a dynamic 'natural' system ...


Just bought a house, and have a big pit of nothingness in the back yard. (Here's my chance to do it my way.) So, Ive spent the day surfing, and according to everything I've read, Phoenix is the ONE place where nut grass works well. Coming from the midwest, I can tell you that, manicured... it's beautiful! Kind of moot though, since you can't run to Walmart and pick up a bag of seed. I really wish I could fins a local, East Valley garden center to purchase Buffalograss seed. Truly native and it would be my second choice for lawn!
Doesn't sound bad to me, but like the previous person commented, where would you buy the seed?
That does seem to present a problem. I thought about maybe transplanting some from another location. Another thought was if there is a winter die off or does it stay green year round. I might have to do some experimenting.
Yes it dies off during the winter but so is the Bermuda the fall you can seed over it with winter grass if you want a green lawn all year round.


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