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I have a large grassy area in my backyard, but the Southern side of the area is extremely shaded due to giant oleanders and large shade trees.

I put down sod (bermuda) 2 years ago, which died.

Last year I seeded with shade seed (from Lowes). That never took either.

I was told I needed some type of 'special' grass that grows in the shade here.

Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of a tree that will be good to plant near a pool? My pool guy is worried about roots that could grow thru the plaster, my husband is worried about a tree dropping too much 'junk' into the pool. Is there such a perfect tree for planting by a pool?

Thank you,


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Dichondra is probably the one referred to.  Take a lot of shade and is a very low growing type with a different leaf structure.

As far as a pool tree, a lot of folks like queen palms by their pools because of the tropical aspect.

I second the Dichondra

Ficus? Banana? Palms are good, too.

....a perfect tree for planting by a pool?

A plastic one?

What about St. Augustine?

My other neighbor just told me thats what they have.


we put in bobsod and it seems to do well in shade and sun.

I used bobsod the first time. :-(

I put in a new variety just out last year called tifgrand, does very well in shade, it's a very lush soft short bladed grass, carpet like. I got it From evergreen turf, although you would need a mower that can cut it fairly short. It is meant for areas that get shade 60-70% of the time. But it has supposedly done well in even worse situations.  Mine gets plenty of sun so I can't confirm that. How much sun does the area actually get in the summer? Mangoes are the cleanest tree I know of, A dwarf mango might do well next to a pools microclimate.   

Your hubby might prefer some sail shades to provide the poolside comfort, as every tree I can think of will at some point drop something.  Some of the ones mentioned here are pretty clean, but no trees are completely devoid of debris potential - except for maybe Powell's plastic one.  :)  Maybe couple the shade sails with some vines along fences & walls that could make it easier to control the leaf/flower/fruit drop into the pool.


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