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Does anyone have or know of a good source for information pertaining to the above listed subject? Any help would be of great assistance...

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Boyce Thompson Arboretum is having several tours on Edible and Medicinal Desert Plants - there is one this Sunday, Feb 27th:  I'm sure any of the tour guides would have good sources for you.  (If the link doesn't work, just google Boyce Thompson Arboretum and click on 'events').

I will check out the site.  Thanks a lot.  All of the help has been great.
I have some books that I can bring to the next pdc class if you're interested
Thanks Peggy, really appreciate the feedback
x2, I have his book, "Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West: A Guide to Identifying, Preparing, and Using Traditional Medicinal Plants Found in the Deserts and Canyons of the West and Southwest", and have used it for many things.

A recent garden club guest speaker was Cyndi Ruehl, Desert Ecologist, Arid Lands Restorationist, assoc faculty at ASU certified herbalist. She teaches classes and has walkabouts on medicinal and edible plants of the desert. She was very informative and I'd love to take one of her classes on Desert Medicine Making, one coming up on 4-2. Her site is She is having a walkabout on Mar. 26, she lives in Apache Jct. and takes a group on a 1 mi. walk at the base of the superstitions.

Sounds awesome Judy- thanks for the info.  I may try to make the Superstition walk...


Check out

Charles W. Kane is a local herbalist; currently has two books out; Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest.  I have taken his Western Herbalism course.  He is a fount of knowledge and his wildcrafting 'expeditions' can be quite adventerous as well as educational, and, of course, herbally productive.

Peter Bigfoot at Reevis Mountain School of Self-Reliance is a wealth of info on this topic.  Link to his annual spring herb class:

Does anyone remember the place by estrella mountian that did classes on desert food and medicinal native plants?


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