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I originally asked my backyard neighbor if it would be OK to have a coop and chickens.  (Over three years ago)


He said yes but I didn't get it in writing.  His home is within 80 feet of my coop with 19 hens.


I believe either he or someone he knows made a complaint and now I'm done.


Why can his tree cause me work (I have to clean my pool at least 3 times a day, every day) and I don't have to sign anything so he can keep it?  And yet, my hens cause him no work and he can decide if I can keep them.  The city inspector that came by said my yard looked great but that I would need my neighbors permission to keep my chickens.


What is wrong with this city?


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I'm so sorry to hear of your problematic neighbor!  It really doesn't seem fair that your pets and hard work are at the whim of someone else.  Sounds like an unfortunate, but good lesson for the rest of us to follow city ordinances and get the neighbor's permission in writing if you're like us here in Phoenix!  Luckily we own the home next to us that is within that 80' distance...

Can you talk with him and see if you can change his mind, come to a compromise?  Can you move your coop (at least temporarily) to be 80' away from the problematic neighbor and toward a more sympathetic one?

DW and I went over with a notary and they signed it!!!


Just wish I could have roos!


congratulations, it would be interesting to us to know what the 'tipping point' of that conversation was ... what changed their minds?


Like, was it a frittata or an omelet? Did someone whip out light green eggs? Was it the hail-Mary pass of quality fertilizer?
I'm glad that this looks like things may be looking up for you and your birds!  I think anyone can call in and complain anonymously about your birds, they don't have to be your neighbor. However when the city shows up you can show them the letter and that should hopefully clear things up. So it's very possible it wasn't your neighbor that turned you in. Just an FYI for folks, (in Phoenix at least) *every* adjoining neighbor has to sign it, but in addition, if the birds are loud (19 birds can create a bit of noise) and people continually complain the noise/nuisance ordinance may supercede your permission letter.

The inspector told me that only the neighbor who's home was within 80 feet of my coop had to sign.


If the other neighbors had to sign, I'd be out of business.


Oh, and I have to fax that signed affidavit to the inspector on Monday so he can put it "on file".

So glad your neighbor had a change of heart.
What great news!!  Rachel is so right that anyone can complain.  Something similar happened to my neighbors who, like you, verbally asked but never got it in writing.  Someone complained - we have no idea who - but each of his neighbors were happy to sign the permission slips for the ducks.  As it turned out all 5 of the neighbors that could have been impacted were all ok with keeping the poultry and none of them had complained.
Rachel and Liz are right on the 'anyone' can complain.  I knew of someone who routinely went around and looked for something to complain to the city about.  Not a nice person.
My wild guess on who would have complained on our street was probably one of the 'investors' who are looking to flip foreclosure homes.

Hi Liz/Dan,


I heard about that "practice" and also that some banks are actively doing the same thing - complain about anything they can to sell a home in a distressed neighborhood.  Takes the 'neighbor' out of the hood.


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