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I wanted to start a container herb garden this spring -- plants like lemon balm, lemon grass, holy basil, mints, and lavender. I was looking for good sources for herbs -- beyond the basic italian basil, mint, and parsely that I see at my local home depot / lowes. Any places in the valley that a wider selection?



Rich Yates

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Baker's nursery (40th St and Osborn). You can buy most/all of those there.
Agree with Rachel - Bakers is great. Also try Berridge Nursery on Camelback a few miles away. This is also the time of year when you see more plant vendors at the Downtown PHX Farmer's market.
I've seen all those at A&P Nursery (except for the holy basil? but they usually have several other varieties). There are at least three stores I know of in the east valley. I go to the one near Baseline and Gilbert. They usually carry stuff above and beyond the others. But its hit or miss, just gotta be there at the right time.
I agree with Rachel and Jonathon....I love Bakers. I also have the BEST price....BEST price on mint and other small herbs at Target!!!!! I make a regular run at my closest Target and have gotten to be "friends" with the deliver girl. I tell her what I'm looking for and she brings it in.
You can check with the local Herb Association
I'm sure they can help with this.


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