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Ok so one of the things that I am most excited about growing this year are herbs!

I have a few growing now but I want to grow so much more, but I am trying not to break the bank so I am wondering whats the best way to get a lot of herbs for not too much money?

I have considered buying the seed packets and growing them from seed but is it too late in the season for that? but even the seeds can get very pricy when you look at getting 20 or so variety's of herbs.

ok so here are the herbs I do havelemon balm, catnip, marjoram, oregano, gold lemon thyme, lemon thyme, lime Basile, chives, one lavender(Madrid blue which I don't like too much), parsley(going to seed), cilantro(going to seed), lemon verbena, sage, stevia, dill, and mint mint and some more mint.

but most of these I still only have one small plant and that doesn't go far to feed my large family so I would still like more of even the ones I do have.

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I have tons of lemongrass if you want some to get started. It's very hardy for replanting.

I would love some! were are you located?

I am near 56th St. and Cactus, but I will be out near Signal Butte and Elliot next week. 

I would love to try lemongrass again , where are you located? Suggestions on planting are appreciated.  My trial in pots used lots of water for little crop.

Linda, the challenge with lemongrass, pot or garden is when it is happy it gets huge (wide).  I had not found it used more water than most of my other plants, but it can grow quickly, particularly if you plant now.  Full sun (or minimum of 6-8 hours like most edibles), good drainage and space.  To keep it under control take a pie shaped wedge out (cutting from the center) every 6-10 months, working your way around the plant as time goes on.  Use the sharp hard leaves to steam foods in foil on the grill - works great.

You are welcome to some if you'd like. :)

For cheap, I know as the season gets warmer, places like Home Depot and Lowe's will have sales for potted plants, which could give you a head start. Just keep your eyes open for any sales going on during the weekends. I got a potted peppermint plant and placed it alone in a 10 gallon pot, with well draining soil. This helps keep it contained, provides plenty of space to grow, and raises it up off the ground a bit to keep the leaves a bit cleaner, so I can normally just tear a leaf off and chew it right of the plant.

In February I dug up some Mullein at a friend's property in Flagstaff and planted it in a cooler place in the garden here in Phoenix just to see if it would grow. So far it is. I'm fairly certain it won't live past the Summer, but I'm always up for a try. I can use its medicinal parts and get more next year if it doesn't survive.

Just so much fun!

Oh, Rosemary wasn't on your list, but it grows very well, as does borage which reseeds vigorously. Oh, and yarrow and chamomile, and Artemesia, and anise hyssop... I'm just trying to remember what I have in the garden right now.

I always make cuttings of my herbs to give as friends in the spring.

oh ya I have a small rosemary plant and chamomile I planted the chamomile from seed they never got very big needed to weed more around them but they are perennials right? so they will come back bigger next year.

I have hyssop seeds and am going to try and sprout them, Iactually have about 800. I have alot of other seeds too if anyone whats to trade some herbs or just help me sprout them :)

has anyone tryed to grow star anise? or cardamom? I love to make chi tea


For the seed/plant exchange, where are you located?  I am in central Phoenix.  I might end up with extra plants, if I am successful with my seed starting.  I have gone overboard this year with  buying seeds.

I have sweet Mace sprouting.  It looks it will be a pretty herb with orange flowers.

I really love Mexican oregano that you can get at Bakers.

Sometimes when I plant herb seeds in the ground, they do not come up for months, then all of a sudden they start sprouting. 

I live in the east valley not far from the 101 and Elliot but I don't mind coming out to your side of town

or even meeting at bakers one weekend. I have a whole lot of seeds and will be thinning out my white Iris patch later in the season I will have tons of Iris bulbs! I have some other flower bulbs and alot of flower seeds too.

I can put together a list of seeds that I have is there anything you have in mind?

Also if anyone is interested in helping me sprout some herb seeds and giving me a few of the extra that might be fun.

That sounds great.  I need to do the Bakers/Home Depot thing soon.  Iris bulbs are always welcome at my house, so are flower seeds.  I will have to sort my seeds/plantings and see what I have.  What herbs do you need maybe I can sprout some more?

Also to save money on herbs I go to Food City or Ranch Market and buy whatever herb comes in seed form.  Right now I am experimenting with Chia and flax seeds, they are sprouting all over the place.  I also sprouted a ton of chipotle peppers this way.  I tried the star anise but it did not work.  The regular anise is growing like a weed in my yard.

I learned not to plant fennel near other plants, they are not good companion plants.  Plus they get aphids, but aphids attract ladybugs.  Also my cat loves to play in the fennel, so I will make her a little garden away from the other plants.


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