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We have a thrasher hanging out in our back yard who has what we believe to be a broken wing.  He can't get over the fence, and is essentially trapped in the yard.  We are providing plenty of food, water and places to hide, but there are a lot of feral cats in our neighborhood and I'm concerned one of them might get him.  Does anyone know of a local agency that does anything to help injured birds?

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Leanne, You don't say where in the valley you are located, that would help.  I have used Jody Kieran at Fallen Feathers, 623.533.2348 or 623.566.0155.  She's in Peoria.

Also try Liberty Wildlife located at Papago Park 480.998.5550  Good luck.

Sorry, I'm in Tempe.  Papago Park isn't terribly far from us, I'll give them a call.  Thanks, Mary!


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