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We planted a flame grape vine back in February.  It started budding in March and it seemed like once it started, it just EXPLODED with growth.  Everyday, we were seeing tons of new growth and leaves.

Fast forward to about a week ago... The vine seems to have lost its vigor.  The very noticeable growth of the vines has dropped to nothing, with the terminal buds just remaining small.  Tendrils extend past the terminal bud, which is a sign of ample water...

On top of the loss of vigor, many of the bigger leaves...the ones that first developed in March... They have turned yellow and dropped off the vine.  Where we once had a nice thick set of leaves, there is now a widening hole of nothing.

Ideas?  We've been watering every 2-3 days.  Its in full sun.  I don't get it.

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What is the soil like around it? Are other plants having similar problems? I agree with Chris - check to see how deep you are watering and if the soil has a chance to dry out enough between deep watering. My grapes are on flood irrigation and we are only this month now getting water every other week (which is the most water they ever get). Otherwise those grapes over the winter and spring have survived on the rains only and one flood irrigation in Feb and another single flood irrigation in March. I don't do any supplemental watering with them outside of the flood schedule, and this is their third year in the ground. Deep infrequent watering is better - we'll be getting in soil probes for sale at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market PPG Booth. Soil probes are very handy to check to see how deep you've watered your plant (you can use any long stick-like thing to push in the ground). The soil probe will be easy to push into the dirt up to where your water has soaked in, it will stop at dry ground (see picture). I would water the grapes more like you would water a tree, soaking 2 - 3 feet down maybe once a week or longer between watering.

Good to know - Previously, I had read that grapes were best on a lawn watering schedule... So I had been giving them plenty of water. Guess that was wrong - at the very least for the time of year.

I have flood irrigation. I will see how they do on just that.

Soil Probes - I've been wanting one of those. When do you anticipate having them ready for sale? the Downtown Phoenix Market is on what day please?

Thanks to you both.


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