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Against every fiber of my being my kids finally wore me down I decided to plant a patch of grass. It is going to be mostly full sun. I know , I know  , it was not in my water conservation plan. I have gone 10 years and two different houses without grass my streak is now broken.. What really sucks is that I had to just fix my empty pool (per insurance co) ,so that is going to suck alot of water to. So my question is what is the best method to plant and design for grass,and what type? I also plan to backwash my pool water in there so I can at least reuse some water. Any ideas or suggestions would be very cool.  


Thanks Kenny.

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Hey Kenny,
Your choice of grasses depend on the sun exposure and the amount of foot traffic. I had St. Augustine in my back yard in a shaded area under two mesquite trees. It stays green all year in that situation, does not require overseeding with rye, and does not spread like bermuda. It doesn't like to be trampled upon on a daily basis, but will tolerate light use. It is highly compatible with gardening, unlike bermuda. There are tons of options out there. Post some pics of the area, including an aerial view (google is a good source for this) and I'll be happy to give you some more advice.
take it easy,
Jeff Prince
Eco Couture Landscape Architecture


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