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Hello everyone.  I've got one established raised bed vegetable garden that I've been watering with buried soaker hose.  The rest are watered (now) with drip emitters.  I'm converting the rest of my beds to soakers and getting rid of the drip emitters.


Does anyone have recommendations for/against the use of drip tape instead of buried soaker hoses?  Thanks.

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We use a semi-rigid 1/2" diameter tubing with in-line drippers @ 18" on center for the past 6 years ... no complaints ...

Drip tape has always intrigued me for low 'first cost' ... but it feels a little un-substantial after using what we have used to date (see above)

We have no experience with 'soaker hoses' ...


I use a drip system on a timer. I use the drip line with the built in emitters and not the tubing with holes pokes in them. It is very easy to use and setup and it cost about 30 dollars to do a 10 x 16 foot bed. The drip line with the built in emitters is much easier to setup and maintain than a standard drip system with individual emitters. At first I was going to use a regular garden soaker hose, but I have heard very bad things about using the soaker type garden hoses. They are usually made from recycled tires and there is a lot of chemicals that could be released into your soil. I suppose if it were only for flower beds it may not be so bad, but with anything you are eating I don't know. I know chemicals are emitted from the rubber soaker hoses, but I do not know if any chemicals are emitted from plastic drip line, so my advice may be moot. If you want to get a good setup at a good price then go over to Sprinkler World(Buy Local) on Indian School Road and 20th or 22nd street and they will get you all set up.
Yeah, Sprinkler world is a good place to go , a lot of their stuff is priced really well and  all they do is mainly irrigation.  If you go there the will steer you in the right direction. There is one also at Tatum just north of Bell rd. as well. I am using the same as Zach, drip tubing with built in emitters every 6 inches that give 1/2 gph.  Suggested by Sprinkler World. Has worked well for me.

I have gardened for more years than I care to remember and have tried every conceivable means to water. Living here in Arizona has been the biggest challenge because of the huge amount of evaporation.

My experience with soaker hose has always been that the far end of the hose gets the most pressure and there isn't even watering from one end to the other. The soaker tubing or tape with holes evenly distributed didn't work either because the hole was often in the wrong place for the correct placement of my veggies. I tried drippers of every size and because there is such good drainage in my garden, the water soaked straight down and didn't get all the way around the plant, plus, the following years garden plan called for drippers of a different size in some of the rows/hills.

I did finally find the solution that worked best for me and have switched out everything for the adjustable ones that fit on the 1/4 tubing. Some I have the 1/2 inch tube running a couple of feet above the ground with the 1/4 tubing longer than to the ground allowing me to move them to different locations as needed. These are great. They do water in a circle but if you put them on a dripper stake this changes the watering pattern to a more or less straight line. Some I have on the tall stakes that you can purchase seperately that position them like a sprinkler. The best part is, you have a wide range of gpm's and you can turn them off as you need to.

By the way, I don't much care for the new brown color 1/4 inch tubing. The drippers occasionally blow off this where it never did off the black tubing.

Good luck with your fall garden!



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