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I need some info on making or buying adobe mortar. I making some raised beds out of river rock, and I would love to use adobe as a binder, instead of conventional mortar. I just don't know how to tell if I have enough clay in my soil. Thanks for any help. 



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Old Pueblo Adobe sells adobe mortar The problem with mud based mortar would be moisture and shrinkage causing the joints to weaken and fail.

More info here ==> Mud as Mortar

I was also thinking about putting a percentage of portland cement to give it the extra strength. Like 10% or so. Thanks guys for the Ideas.



hi Kenny:

one thing to look into is the need for the 'mortar' and the 'masonry' (stone in this case) to be of a 'similar substance' , or to exhibit similar physical characteristics when subjected to weathering proccesses ... for example: earthen based mortar should be used with earthen based masonry (adobe) ... this 'similar substance', general rule is critical in regards to the 2 materials exhibiting similar: expansion / contraction rates, moisture absorption / dissapation rates, freeze / thaw rates ... etc ... gerry's observation is right on ...



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